D3.1. Quality control and monitoring plan

The Quality Control and Monitoring Plan (QCMP) elaborates and expands the Logical Matrix Framework (LMF) in terms of qualitative objective, progress indicators as well as associated measures. This plan will provide a detailed task distribution regarding fulfilment of quality benchmarks (see LMF) to project partners. This will be part of the overall quality assurance strategy; therefore, a draft will circulate at project start and will be discussed at the kick-off meeting.

The LMF and the QCMP will be reviewed and if necessary adapted according to the project progress and to emerging needs and variations in the project context. QCMP delineates the assumptions, quality indicators and risks which are linked to the general and the specific objectives of the project and ensures that the consortium is well prepared on the quality assurance level in order to face the risks that may occur throughout the project. More precisely, this document will display the matching of every project task to a partner other than the one responsible for the activity, who will act as peer evaluator. This matching exercise will be done on the level of project deliverables (not only project WPs). Adequate peer assessment tools will be provided by the WP3 leaders who also ensures that peer assessment mechanisms a) run according to the schedule and the agreed timeframe and b) are effectively taken into consideration leading to improved project outcomes.

The QCMP will be released in M03 of the project aligned with the “Project Management Handbook” (see D6.2). Leader: UMA

Contributors: USI, PTX, UPB, IAU, SBU, IBS, SCU, SU, UW

D3.1 Quality control and monitoring plan