D6.1. Kick-off Meeting

Although the consortium partners have already brainstormed and discussed much in the preparation of this proposal, and some have already worked with each other closely, D6.1 will be the first official face-to-face meeting for all consortium members as a body. The meeting will take place in Siegen, Germany in M01 and will be hosted by USI as the coordinator.
The kick-off meeting will serve for and/or pursue the following targets:
● Coordinator’s briefing to the consortium members about the legal, financial, managerial and auditing aspects of the project and the role and duties of each partner as well as the project plan and timing,
● Briefing to the consortium members about the qualitative aspects and indicators for the project’s outcomes and deliverable by UMA as the leaders of WP3 (Quality Plan).
● Planning the draft of the “Quality Control and Monitoring Plan” as D3.1. The final document will be released in M06.
● Showcasing the draft version of “IoT Gap Identification Questionnaire” which will be discussed during the meeting. The questionnaire will be finalized and translated into three languages (English, Persian and Arabic) no later than three weeks after the kick-off meeting. The questionnaire will be delivered to industry, private sector and other HEIs in order to identify IoT training gaps. It will then be summarized (in English) and used in “IoT Training Gap Identification Report” (D1.4). The questionnaire shall consider the academia-industry cooperation obstacles, state-of-the-art research and technologies in IoT, needs of Iranian and Iraqi industry and private sector in IoT, employability of IoT, Computer and Electrical Engineering graduates and job market demands.
● Discussion about the communication and collaboration platforms is described in WP5 (Project Management).
● Forming workgroups and deciding on assignment of minor tasks as described in Section D.2.1 of the proposal.
In terms of coordination, during the kick-off meeting, the following points will be agreed on:
• Communication strategies
• Major roles and responsibilities of partners
• Monthly telcos
• Internal review process for the deliverables
• Selection of the Project Management Board
Formal announcement of the project, increasing public awareness and attracting news agencies and newspapers, industries and other related stakeholders to the project’s start event.
Leader: USI
Contributors: PTX, UPB, UMA, IAU, SBU, IBS, SCU, SU, UW

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