The purpose of this summer school is to educate students, IoT graduates, and provide training opportunities for the private sector and industry. The consortium members will teach and train attendees by theoretical and/or practical modules developed in the frame of the IoTrain project.

The school will have a public event, in which other interested individuals from industry and private sector, VET providers as well as entrepreneurs and investors can participate and learn more about IoTrain, its benefits and outcomes as the next IoT big step towards the future.

The course for this school will last for 14 days. In total, 50 faculty members and students (from academic partners) as well as staff (experts from industrial partners) from overall 10 project partners will join the school.

A report on the events will be produced to point to the added values produced by them with respect to the quality indicators set in D3.1.

Leader: SCU

Contributors: USI, PTX, UPB, UMA, IAU, SBU, IBS, SU, UW.