D4.3. Entrepreneurship and dissemination workshop

This deliverable will be an event, which brings other  Iranian and Iraqi HEIs, research centres and training institutes together in order to learn more and in details about the project, its goals, activities, experiences, outcomes and results. In addition, the entrepreneurship workshop will be held. This event is a special event that considerably strengthens the link between HEIs and the business sector and paves the way to the modernization of Iranian and Iraqi HEIs. The Entrepreneurship Workshop will be held in Tehran.

This event will be co-located with the industry exploitation workshop  and  the  2nd  project  annual  quality monitoring meeting   and  the   consortium   partners   will invite  other Iranian and Iraqi HEIs to this event through their networks and previous collaboration records. Moreover, the hosting organization (SRU) will invite the representatives of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (IMSRT) to this event. IMSRT is a responsible ministry for HE in Iran and a similar ministry from Iraq. This will multiply the outcomes and effects of this event towards achieving its goals in disseminating the project and exploiting its results in modernization of HE trainings in the domain of IoT. Additionally, other training organizations and VET providers will also be invited to this event. Specifically, the Iranian and Iraqi Technical and Vocational Training Organization (TVTO) will also be invited to this event. TVTO is officially responsible for providing nationwide VET in the country.

The event will be benefited from the invited experts and keynotes from academia and industry to highlight the benefits of the project and its outcomes.

Leader: IAU

Contributors: USI, PTX, UPB, UMA, SBU, IBS, SCU, SU, UW

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