D3.3. Qualitative and Progressive Assessment Report

The qualitative, innovative and progressive assessment reports are mechanisms that are devised in order to provide a global picture of the project regarding its progress towards its goals and promises. Project added values as well as the qualitative and innovative indicators and the strategies defined in the “Quality Control and Monitoring Plan” (D3.1) and the Logical Matrix Framework will be used in this regard.

To achieve this, the audit will focus on a) the conceptual level of the project by identifying strengths and weaknesses of the project regarding its quality b) the unused innovation potential of the project, especially to the project’s wider objective of impact on the industrial,

educational and socio-economic level of Iran and Iraq, and c) the project progress towards fulfilling its goals and targets.

This will let the consortium a) know what is working well in terms of the innovation and progress indicators, b) what inhibits qualitative and innovation aspects of the project practices and procedures and c) what should be done in the next phase of the project to keep it on track and addresses the shortcomings and obstacles.

Three reports are planned in 12 months intervals and will be delivered in M12, M24 and M36. 

Leader: UMA

Contributors: All Partners

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