To ensure the quality of the project results and outcomes, two external evaluation reports are foreseen in the frame of this project. In this regard, two independent experts (one European and one Iranian and Iraqi) will be involved in the project major milestones in order to get into details of the project activities and discussions.

The active involvement of external quality experts will be instrumental in offering insights from a non-partner. Two experienced quality evaluators will be chosen to carry out the external evaluation of the project. This will cross- fertilize and expand the consortium’s vision on quality assurance. Finally, it will serve to minimize risks and deviations from the quality assurance plan, as this person will be allocated externally, thus will have a more objective and critical viewpoint to the processes and outcomes of the project. Therefore, internal and external quality practices will ensure high-quality and timely outputs.

The outcomes of this deliverable are two independent reports, which will be delivered by the end of the project. 

Leader: USI

Contributors: PTX, UPB, UMA, IAU, SBU, IBS, SCU, SU, UW