August 1st – 4th, 2022

University of Siegen (USI), in Siegen, Germany

The 2nd Management and Project Progress Meeting has jointly taken place with the Staff Training and Mobility at the University of Siegen (USI), in Siegen, Germany, from August 1st to 4th, 2022. The workpackage leaders in this 4-day meeting overviewed the current status of all the project workpackages and corresponding deliverables based on the planned tasks/activities in the project description versus achievements. Further, the open points, issues, missing contributions and possible solutions were discussed within the project consortium and the workpackage leaders received the feedback to re-plan the remained activities if it is required. The plan for the upcoming deliverables were also presented to the partner consortium. 

The next focus of this meeting was WP2 (development) to follow up on the course content development (D2.2) based on the provided course syllabi from D1.5 (Course Development Plan) and finalization of them besides the staff training in the framework of exchanging ideas and good practices specifically on the existing course modules at each partner university and industrial side to educate and harmonize the partnerships in teaching quality. 

The partners reviewed the course syllabi that were finalized in the D1.5 and reviewed the chapters and existing slides in several sessions.  This event supported the final version of the courses (D2.2) which will be prepared by the end of November 2022 and then to be used at the summer schools in Iran and Iraq.

Also, the list of required equipment for each course was finalized during this meeting to be used for the tendering and the technical and financial points of the project progress report will be reviewed.
USI also organized an industrial visit on the last day of the meeting from SUMMIT (, SDFS Siegen (, with some interesting success stories and start-ups, e.g., PROTECH, and Innofarming.