The aim of this work package is to carry out the scoping, needs analyses, initial planning and preparation work necessary to begin development activities for the implementation of the project. A Systematic comprehensive analysis of existing academic programs, courses, and tracks in Computer Science regionally and internationally will be performed.

This WP is an underpinning and fundamental step in properly addressing the needs and fulfilling the gaps in HE trainings in the domain of IoT with respect to the demands and skills needed by the private sector and industry and by considering the state-of-the-art technological progress in IoTrain.

In this regard, the consortium members have already considered different aspects of the problem, gone through intensive discussions and prepared this proposal as a result to address the quest for modern IoT skills in HE trainings.

The preliminary studies in the preparation of this proposal will be used as the guidelines for the preparation of this WP, which will be clarified as the “IoT Trainings Gap Identification Report”.  The report will also identify and address obstacles in the employability of Iranian IoT graduates in the private sector and industry. Additionally, this report considers the general roadmaps and guidelines by the Iranian Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and the Research Institute for Information Science and Technology in Iran.

The results of this WP will be used in WP2 (Development) to collaborate and prepare the tailored training materials in the domain of IoT, which fulfils the requirements and addresses the shortcomings present in HE trainings.


Based on the description of the WP and its associated risks and assumptions, the following tasks are planned:

  1. Evaluate the existing courses of each consortium partners to identify the needed courses and expertise.
  2. Identify the current and future market requirements to make sure that IoTrain outcomes meet the market requirements.
  3. Gap analysis: Identify any shortcomings of courses or expertise in all partners and make the necessary plan to compensate these shortcomings.
  4. Map the requirements and the courses with the Bologna system.