This event is identified as a hackathon in the development of courses and training materials in the domain of IoT. To this aim, the results of the “IoT Training Gap Identification Report” (D1.4) as well as the “Course Development Plan” (D1.5) will be used as inputs, and necessary actions and discussions will be carried out before the event. The event will be at UPB in Romania in the M13.

The resulting courses from D1.4 will be collaborated, adapted and tailored towards the needs of Iranian and Iraqi HEIs based on the gap identification report.

As the results of this event the first version of courses should be prepared till the end of M13. However, the final version of courses will be released in D2.2 in M18.

Leader: UPB

Contributors: USI, PTX, UMA, IAU, SBU, IBS, SCU, SU, UW