The aim of this event is to improve the competence, innovative thinking, teaching methods and presentation skills of the training staff. The staff will be informed and familiarized with state-of-the-art and emerging technologies in the field of IoT as well as the latest advances in the teaching and training methods, tools and technologies.

The event will be adapted and tailored to staff with no or less experience and staff who are better experienced. Round circles will be held, which aim at opening the discussion and exchange of knowledge between the staff who have common problems or interests. The event will also bring staff from the program and partner countries together with the aim of exchanging good practices and transfer of knowledge from the EU partners to the Iranian and Iraqi ones.

Briefly, mobility serves the following purposes:

  • Attending specialized courses and related technologies in IoT in order to get in touch with classroom management and teaching methodologies of the European
  • Co-lecturing IoT courses and related technologies to gain experiences and exchange of good practices.
  • Familiarizing with entrepreneurship potentials and exchanging ideas and experiences with business stakeholders in the domain of IoT. In this regard, regional representatives of the business sector will be invited to join the event either as speakers or as participants.
  • Internationalization in the frame of staff collaboration and mobility of
  • Perceptions of studies, curricula, employability and career perspectives in the hosting


The training will last for 7 days and is held at USI in Germany. During the training the following three main topics will be taught by the program countries:

  • Technical aspects (in particular for teaching staff and laboratory staff)
  • Pedagogical methodologies
  • Entrepreneurship skill


In total, 30 faculty staffs (from academic partners) as well as experts from industrial partners from overall 10 project partners will join the school.

A report on this event will be produced to point to the added values produced by this event with respect to quality indicators set in D3.1.

Leader: USI

Contributors: PTX, UPB, UMA, IAU, SBU, IBS, SCU, SU, UW